About the Chakras

A Crown Chakra symbol

The CROWN CHAKRA, is located at the very top of the head. It vitalizes our upper brain functions and promotes positive thought patterns, inspiration and imagination. Enhances relaxation, clarity, concentration, meditation, inner guidance, ideas, clairvoyance, mental balance.  In charge of our spiritual wellbeing It makes the connection to the higher and the cosmic forces. It constantly channels life energy into our system and aligns and balances all other chakras. 

ORGANS: Upper brain, pineal glands 
GEMSTONES: Amethyst, sugillite, apophyllite, alexandrite, purple fluorite, selenite 
COLOUR: Purple

The THIRD EYE CHAKRA, is located between the brows and promotes vision, balance of right and left brain, enhances quietness, rest, openness, vision, creativity, productivity, intuition, psychic abilities, concentration, self knowledge and insight. 

ORGANS: Lower brain, central nervous system, pineal or pituitary glands, ear and nose 
GEMSTONES: Azurite, tanzanite, sodalite, iolitelapis lazuli 
COLOUR: Indigo

A Third Eye Chakra symbol
A Throat Chakra symbol

The THROAT CHAKRA, is in charge of communication, self-expression and sounds and so builds the bridge between ourselves and the world around us, ease in relations, self esteem, self confidence, joy, articulateness, wellbeing.

ORGANS: Throat, mouth, and thyroid glands 
GEMSTONES: Turquoise, aquamarine, aqua aura crystals, celestite, kyanite, blue topaz, lapis lazuli 

The HEART CHAKRA, is located in the centre of the chest and harbors our emotional centre that promotes love, compassion, understanding, sharing and forgiveness. Enhances sympathy, openness, tolerance, empathy, rest, detachment, joy, life force, generosity.

ORGANS: The main organ is the heart that pumps blood to the entire body and so keeps our physical body alive, also lungs and the thymus glands 
GEMSTONES: Emerald, green tourmaline, green apophyllite, jade adventurine, rose quartz, chrysoprase, malachite 
COLOUR: Green The HEART CHAKRA is our most central chakra and of highest importance. It gives us love, the most powerful healer of all and loving ourselves is the foundation of good health and happiness.

A Heart Chakra symbol
A Solar Plexus Chakra symbol

The SOLAR PLEXUS CHAKRA, is located just below the rib cage and gives us our sense of identity and personality. It promotes confidence, personal power, authority, humor, laughter. Spontaneous action, warmth and inner glow, self discipline, will power.  This is our ego center. 

ORGANS: Digestive system, liver, gall bladder. 
GEMSTONES: Citrine, amber, gold, tigers eye, gold topaz, calcite 
COLOUR: Yellow

The NAVEL CHAKRA, is also called the sacral chakra and is situated just below the navel. It’s functions are to generate our sexual energies, creativities, new ideas,  self confidence, purification, partnership, letting go, passion and endurance. It gives physical force, vitality and Strength. 

ORGANS: Ovaries, kidneys, lower stomach, prostrate and spleen 
GEMSTONES: Jasper, calcite, carnelian, sunstone, yellow fluorite, amber 
COLOUR: Orange

A Navel Chakra symbol
A Root Chakra symbol

The ROOT CHAKRA, is situated at the base of the spine and promotes physical survival, vitality, stability, patience, courage, will power, confidence, sexuality, cosmic awareness and material success. It gives us life force, our natural instincts and connects us to the earth. 

ORGANS: Pelvis, testis, genitals and legs 
GEMSTONES: Garnet, ruby, red jasper, red amber, bloodstone, black tourmaline, obsidian