Certified Mediumship Course

Everyone has the ability to communicate with deceased loved ones, and this Two day intensive course taught by Jeanne Russell, will help you to practice your natural spiritual gifts of Mediumship through learning, using your natural abilities and practice. 

The fastest way to heal from grief is to have healing conversations with departed loved ones, to feel reassured that they are happy in heaven. Awareness of the spirits and energy around you is a major step in taking control of your life for your own healing process and for helping others for their own healing process. 

Two Day Intensive Course
Cost: $333.00 (Pay pal adds 5% fee)
you can also pay thru Zelle, its free!

Jeanne will guide you through the process of intuitively detecting when you are in the presence of, or under the influence of a spirit or deceased loved one or family member. 

Whether you want to learn about Mediumship for your own comfort and communication with deceased loved one, or you want to help others through your healing work, or by being a Certified Medium, Jeanne will gently guide you through the process of afterlife communication. 

In this class your will learn the skills of:

  • Automatic writing with Deceased loved ones
  • Increase your clarity in hearing, feeling, knowing, seeing Divine messages
  • Boosting your confidence in your mediumistic skills
  • How to identify which departed loved one you are talking to next to your client
  • Methods and Meditations for clearing, shielding, and healing yourself and others

  • Plenty of practice time to give mediumship readings
  • Spirit releasement from anxiety, depression through the process of releasing earthbound spirits
  • Helping you connect with your Deceased loved ones that are around you
  • Learning how messages are conveyed

Every participant will receive a Certified Medium certificate upon completion of homework. 

This mediumship class is completely safe and you will be guided closely through every step. We only practice and teach mediumship for the purpose of being in service to deliver messages of love and healing.