Telepathic Communication Course

Telepathy is the direct transference of thought and/or feelings from one person to another person without using the normal five physical senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. 

Many people, such as animal trainers, regularly communicate with their animals, dogs, cats, dolphins and horses, using telepathic means. 

But telepathy should really be as natural to us as breathing, and the power has never really gone away. We all have the ability to communicate entirely by the power of our minds, and with the right guidance and training this ability can be 're-learnt'. It is not that difficult to develop telepathy. 

Two day Class
$222.00 (manual included)
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It is becoming easier for people to accept that telepathic communication is not only a remote possibility, but is a fact beyond doubt. - And anyone can be successful at it!

This guide to inter-dimensional communication is designed for the absolute beginner, but with the seasoned telepath in mind. It is packed with practical information, tips, tools & exercises based on various stages of my own guided journey to awakening, spiritual development, and telepathic experience/exchange with the unseen realms. 

In this training, I will be sharing with you the techniques that I learned over time through various soul team members, ascended masters and many higher dimensional beings of light. Just as I diligently and lovingly guided to recover this natural ability, undoubtedly you will be too. My hope is that this class will provide you with the framework to rely solely on your inner-guidance as you navigate thru the higher realms.

My goal is to put the elusive process of awakening to our human potential into a structured form and to assist you, to the best of my ability, to activate the rewiring of your gifts of inter-dimensional communication. 

For you to develop personal, life-altering relationships with your higher aspects: spirit guides, soul team members, ascended masters, star beings, angels, and the many beings of light who excitedly anticipate our arrival at intergalactic, interstellar, and inter-dimensional communication. 

On my own journey, I found that developing a strong connection to the subtle sensitivity of spirit also greatly enhanced my physical & psychic sensitivity to earth. This was a very natural progression, and you too will have the opportunity to deepen your connection and communication with all of the life on earth (including the animal, plant, element, & devic kingdoms.)