Angels Touch Reiki Testimonials

The first Reiki Treatment I had was with Jeanne and her students during one of her monthly Public Healing Nights, designed to introduce people to Reiki. It’s a short session and still I felt very peaceful and relaxed afterward. I was very encouraged and decided I’d come back again. The next session was even better. Tension was being released, I was more focused and the little things that were getting to me were more easily dealt with. I was feeling better and living happier. Even my family noticed.

Yep, I’m hooked.

Jeanne has now taught me Reiki Levels I, II and Master level. She’s not only a great practitioner but an awesome teacher. She makes sure you’re learning all there is to know about Reiki, and in a fun, easy way too. I’ve made wonderful friends and learned more about Reiki and myself in these classes than I would ever have guessed. I would recommend Reiki and the classes to everyone.

I cannot wait to take more.

Jeanne truly is one of my angels.
- Rebecca Springer

Jeanne Russell's healing gifts are unparalleled. A session with Jeanne is sure to produce profound results. She is a wonderful and dedicated healer and teacher. Jeanne guided me through all levels of Reiki training with more love and dedication than I could ever ask for. Jeanne and the Reiki path have changed my life dramatically, for which I will be forever grateful. Thank you Jeanne!

Love and Light,
Staci Akers

I have been blessed to know Jeannie Russell for almost 2 years now. Jeannie is a woman who sincerely lives her joy and passion, and has been kind and thoughtful enough to want to share her gift with others and raise the vibration of this beautiful planet.

In 2007 I was feeling imbalanced, and was guided to try Reiki as a means to center my life and invigorate my spirit. I was lead to Angel's Touch Reiki and to Jeannie. Immediately after talking with her via phone, I knew I was headed to the right place. She suggested a free healing night, so I could see if Reiki was right for me. I was welcomed into her lovely home, and was greeted by Jeannie, who was instantly warm, friendly, and kind. The experience was so wonderful that I became a repeat client without question, and returned for sessions as often as I could.

Jeannie is a spirit who loves what she does. I came to know and trust her, and her connection to the spirit world- the guidance they would allow me to receive and the positive energy with which they would bless me. I came to trust this person, who, in a world where personal gain is so often the driving force, was genuinely doing what she loved to help others live THEIR joy.
v My life has been extremely blessed by Jeannie and the healing art of Reiki that she has performed. She has been a guiding force in helping me realize the love I have within myself. She has helped me see my own strength, my own power and potential, without taking any credit herself. She has always believed that the potential to heal is within the individual. I believe my potential to love and heal myself has reached new heights because of Jeannie and her Reiki treatments, and I am forever grateful for the wisdom, joy, and positivity she has brought into my life.

Sincerely and with Love,
Kimberly Ann Kennedy

I contacted Jeanne a year or two ago when my dad was diagnosed with lung cancer. I originally was intending to go somewhere else, and, although the other woman seemed nice enough, there seemed to be a roadblock every time I tried to contact her. Upon every unsuccessfully attempt, the thought would float through my head, "when it's right, it flows..." So I said a prayer asking God to either confirm that this was where I should go, or lead me to the right teacher. After saying that prayer, I opened the book in my lap, which was on cancer, and randomly turned to a section that just happened to be about reiki. At the end of the section there was information on a web-site to find qualified instructors. Jeanne kind of jumped out at me. When I called, she answered on the first try, and when she heard that I wanted to learn about it because of my dad's cancer she told me she would take me right away, whether she could get other students that day or not. She is a very warm person, very knowledgeable on the subject, takes her time with you, and you will never feel uncomfortable asking questions. As for her reiki sessions, I'm not sure I have a lot of issues to be addressed, so there was nothing over-whelming to report for my own session. However I once witnessed a black mass-like thing fly out of someone's body when she was working on it, and I do have faith in her abilities to assist in the removal of negative energy, patterns, and blockages. I am grateful to have been led to her, it's been a fascinating journey...

Tammy Fields,
Valencia, California

I first went to Jeanne on a referral by a friend. I had read about reiki but had never experienced it. When I went for my first session I had no ailments other than daily stress. I was surprised when I felt the effects of the session almost immediately. It felt as though all the weight I carry was gone. I don't think I can describe my feeling afterward other than saying I had never felt better. I go anytime I'm feeling "off". It helps me let go of stress, think clearer and makes me feel overall better and more open. Also, Jeanne has always been willing to take the time to discuss and answer any questions I've ever had. And sometimes I have a lot to discuss. Now I'm the one referring all my friends to her!

Valley Village, CA

"Before my first Reiki session, I really didn't know much about the art of Reiki or what all it could do for me. I attended Jeanne's Free Public Healing Night for my first ever session, and it was a very powerful experience. Immediately thereafter, I experienced some emotional clearing, which I had been told was to be expected. It was a relief to finally to able to let go of some things that were bothering me. From there on, I began to see Jeanne as regularly as possible. I continued to leave each session a little lighter in my soul, and after 3 sessions in a row, I really felt the positive impacts of Reiki. I loved it all so much, that I decided to become a student of Reiki myself. I was able to complete my Level 1 and Level 2 classes with Jeanne - she is a very experienced teacher and lovingly gives all the tools you need. She is always there as a mentor and a friend and I would highly recommend her to one and all!"

Gena G.
Santa Clarita, California

I was in despair, negativity surrounded me. I got my 2nd Reiki treatment from Jeanne. She cleared out the darkness that was hovering over me. She gave me hope and the tools, prayer, surrounding myself with white light and claiming back my power verbally and spiritually. What made sense to both of us was the evil that she felt and I saw during my 1st session was understood completely in the 2nd one. Thank You, Jeanne for showing me how to take back my power. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting my Archangels and my Guides also.

Quartz Hills, California

The first time I went to Jeanne she suggested because of my health problems to have a back to back sessions. I had gotten healings before but this one was the best ever. I felt calm, clearer, energized and more Positive about everything. Thank You,Jeanne

Quartz Hills, California

I have had the privilege of being attuned to level 2 Reiki by Jeanne, who is such an angelic kind hearted spirit. In the past I had some health challenges, and she was always available to send me healing energy to assist me through my process. Jeanne is such a loving healer, and a gift to the world, and I feel blessed to have met her.

Sandra Aubé, M.A., L.E.

They say that when the time is right, the teacher will appear. That is exactly how I met Jeanne. My oldest dog had started tripping and falling on our morning walks. The vets weren’t sure what was wrong with her. One morning we ran into Jeanne while we were out walking. I did not know she was a Reiki MasterTeacher. She ran her hands over Jasmine and told me where her problems were. I believe Jasmine felt Jeanne’s healing energy and was able to walk home much easier. I had been reading about Reiki for animals and had decided that I would look for a class on it, prior to running into Jeanne that morning. So, that morning walk led me to my Reiki Master. The classes I have taken with Jeanne were taught with great respect and dedication. She gives freely of herself and takes a genuine interest in each of her students. When one of my other dogs was hit by a car, Jeanne sent him distant Reiki while he was in the hospital. He could not be taken into surgery for a fractured leg and broken tail because of a tear in his lung that was leaking fluid. When my dog was x-rayed again the next day, the tear in his lung had healed, as well as the fractures in his leg. No one at the hospital could explain why he healed so quickly in those 2 areas, but I knew why. Jeanne has taught me a lot, including how to keep Jasmine comfortable during her last days with us. My dogs have benefited greatly from all that I have learned from Jeanne. I am very grateful for having Jeanne in my life and will continue to study with her.

Barbi Ruby
Canyon Country, CA

"It is very apparent that Jeanne has taken the time to thoroughly master many holistic healing techniques. Her extensive knowledge of healing through Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Past Life Regressions, Angels, Guides, Ascended Masters and many others demonstrates her deep desire to assist others. On many occasions, I have personally witnessed her healing gifts and connection with the Divine during sessions for me (personally) and with others. Jeanne offers wonderful insight without trying to "fix" the problem. She is passionate about her work, compassionate to those she encounters and very patient. Jeanne's intentions are REAL, thoughtful, heart warming and pure. I am blessed to have been able to receive treatments from her and enjoy her wisdom as a student. I am overwhelmed with joy to have found Jeanne on my path of enlightenment. She truly is a Master Teacher of the Healing Arts and a deeply experienced LightWorker."

Jeff C.
Santa Clarita, CA

"Since I have been getting reiki sessions with Jeanne, it has helped clear a lot of emotional weight I carry around with me. Every session with Jeanne I learn more and more how to love myself. It has helped me cope better with every day life, and with trusting God and my guardian angels. She has even helped connect me with my brother who passed away 10 years ago, which has been so amazing. She really is a very talented, loving soul! I am so grateful."

- Tina L.

Hello. My name is Marcus and I am 11 years old. I have a lot of stress and it overwhelms me sometime. My mom showed me Jeannie and told me about Reiki. At first I was afraid, but when I was done, I felt very happy and light. I have done this for three years and now instead of my mom telling me it’s time to see Jeannie, I tell my mom when I want to go and she calls Jeannie and makes an appointment. If you are nervous to do this you shouldn't be because you will be much happier. I will always be grateful for Jeannie because of the way she has helped me and how she makes me feel.

- Marcus Young (age 11)

I "found" Jeanne over two years ago and in that time I have taken or had the following services performed by/with Jeanne: Personal Reiki Session, Angel Card Reading, Took level I and II Usui Reiki, Took Level I and II Certified Crystal Class and participated in two Group Healing sessions. Having received Reiki and Angel Card Readings from Jeanne has helped me in all aspects of my life. Emotionally, spiritually and physically. Jeanne's patience, expertise and guidance have made all the difference in my life. She makes you understand that you need to do the work in order to go to a higher level, no one can do the work for you....this information while simple, made me understand I was responsible for my happiness, not anyone else. Jeanne helps and guides you along the way and makes it a journey worth taking. Taking the classes and participating in the group healing sessions have been a great source of healing and strength for me. I have also purchased her book and use it continually to further my spiritual journey. Her integrity and honesty makes Jeanne a true Gem and I look forward to my continued learning with her

- Marci

I feel very fortunate to be a student and client of Jeanne Russell. Jeanne is a dedicated and accomplished light worker that has embraced her path. She is a rare find due to her ability to connect with the other side and provide many modalities/options to assist others. She remains open and honest with a huge heart and no judgment. Jeanne is truly a master in many ways and is a REAL person too. Through Jeanne's teachings/guidance, I have learned how to assist others on their path and have positively affected so many souls. I'm very grateful to have Jeanne in my life and I hope that many people get a chance to experience her gifts and love. This is one you definitely don't want to pass by!

- Jeff Chavez, RMT, Certified Life Coach, Hands Of Light Healing

I'd like to express my gratitude to my spiritual teacher, Jeanne Russell.

Without her encouragement, I would not have realized some of my own potentials.

I am excited and happy to say that I have taken level I,II and Master Reiki, Certified Mediumship, Telepathic Communication, Channeling and Certified Angel classes with Jeanne. I've also participated in Spiritual Circle/Meditations and Group Healing sessions.

She is full of Love, Laughter and Light and provides a loving, peaceful and safe environment in all her classes and sessions.

I would highly recommend Jeanne to anyone who is interested in discovering their path on their spiritual journey. Her teachings and guidance have definitely changed my life!

- MaryGrace

I went to see Jeanne, a few years ago when I was visiting on a trip to LA. A friend of mine had been going to her regularly and was telling me about how great Jeanne is. We decided to schedule some sessions. I was curious about it, as I had never heard of Reiki or experienced a session. I met Jeanne and she put me right at ease. I had a wonderful Reiki session. It was really spiritual, and I was so relaxed afterwards. Jeanne took the time afterwards to talk about the session and answer any questions I had. I left wishing I lived in CA. I would be going back to her often for sure. She is the real deal!


I Have known Jeanne for almost a year now. She is an amazing soul who is passionate about her work and sharing her gift of healing with others. I initially had an Angel Card reading before I took all three levels of Reiki with her. I had been doing a lot of soul searching and her reading confirmed some things I had been going through. From that day I knew I would be taking many more classes with her. I recently attended her Channeling Workshop which has really helped me connect with myself. Not only was this a fun class but I learned so much about myself in just one weekend. It wasn't until I received my first Reiki attunement that I realized what "Healing" truly meant and opening my heart and soul were the gifts I received in the process. Jeanne was always there for me to answer any question I had regarding the detoxing process. I will continue to take all her classes as she offers them and look forward to the next one. Her home is filled with beautiful, positive energy that you feel the moment you step foot in the door.

With Love & Light,
Leticia Huddleston

I was introduced to Jeanne by a family member who had a Reiki healing session with Jeanne, and I thought I would give it a try. After my first session, I experienced such a sense of peace and emotional relief from things that had previously been troubling me. It was amazing. I knew I wanted to become more familiar with Reiki, so I eventually became a Reiki student as well as a frequent client. Reiki has helped me work through deep emotional scars and allowed me to have peace and personal growth.

I also quickly had Jeanne conduct an Angel card reading for me, and the results were amazing! It gave me clarity on my current life issues and to know that the Angels were always there, working for my benefit, was wonderful. I highly recommend Jeanne for anyone who is interested in spiritual growth opportunities.

She is a trusted mentor who conducts her work with the highest integrity and always spot on with where her intuition guides her.

- Gena

Jeanne's use of crystals along with her considerable Usui and Reiki energy make a huge difference in my energy field every time I receive a treatment from her. She is gentle in demeanor, encouraging, and yet her energy is incredibly strong and effective.

I first met Jeanne in a Reiki treatment session for myself. At the time I was a new Reiki practitioner, and after my treatment, she was most encouraging to me based on what she had heard from angels during the session. That session and subsequent sessions have been profoundly healing for me, especially during times of grief or feeling off. I have also asked Jeanne for distance healing, which is more subtle than her hands on healing but also very effective.

My own experience with Jeanne's healing abilities led me to take Usui Reiki Level 2 and Master level with her and to also take Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher level with her. Jeanne is a teacher with integrity, requiring that her students do practical homework and take written tests. She breaks up the learning material over a period of time to be sure students are getting all that they need and to give students a chance to practice what they are learning, and one feels the sacredness of the learning with her. Jeanne also makes the learning fun; she loves teaching, and it shows!

After taking a class with her, Jeanne has answered many a question for me regarding the use of the Reiki energy and how to promote my practice. She is knowledgeable and experienced and most generous in sharing her skills.

I appreciate the range of class offerings Jeanne has, and I would spend a lot more time with her in meditation and healing circles if she didn't live so far from me! I look forward to my continued learning under her

Sally Roderick, Healing Energy Reiki
Master, Usui Reiki
Master/Teacher, Karuna Reiki